HALLHUBER the company

Hallhuber GmbH is a fashion company which has been based in Munich since 1977. It operates over 410 retail spaces (as of September 2018) in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Norway, the UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands, as well as operating its own online shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and France. Under the direction of Susanne Hallhuber, the HALLHUBER design team creates the trendy, high-quality HALLHUBER and HALLHUBER DONNA womenswear collections which are supplemented by accessories and shoes.

The HALLHUBER company history

The success story began back in December 1977 when Hallhuber opened its first fashion store in Munich. Its particular concept of selling youthful, trendy fashion and brands was, until that point, largely unknown and was successfully rolled out in the years to come. Hallhuber went from being a fashionable textile chain to one of the best-known and most independent vertical fashion brands in Germany. Hallhuber has consistently pursued its growth course over the past 40 years. In February 2015, Hallhuber was bought by GERRY WEBER International AG, based in Halle/Westfalen.


'Friendly, but not overbearing' is the major goal of service in Hallhuber's stores. The combination of an elegant, contemporary ambience, a clear and visually appealing product presentation and well-trained, approachable staff make for a uniquely positive shopping experience. The interior design and the careful use of POS materials and striking window displays underline the unique Hallhuber look.

HALLHUBER brand values

HALLHUBER offers its customers a range of high-quality and on-trend fashions as well as quality basics for an attractive price and in a pleasantly modern environment. These values are also reflected in our product development process, with the close partnership of the design team, product management department and suppliers. The HALLHUBER Code of Conduct ensures our suppliers adhere to ethically and environmentally sound production conditions, and is backed by a reliable, global network of suppliers.

The company philosophy, which is aimed at customer satisfaction, is achieved primarily through the investments that HALLHUBER makes in terms of store design, the prime location of its stores and the training of its staff. The HALLHUBER staff is undergoing a unique training concept that was exclusively developed for HALLHUBER – in such a manner they consistently get further qualification and training, both at the POS as well as in the Munich headquarters.

HALLHUBER is feminine.

HALLHUBER offers fashionistas a unique selection of ready-towear clothing, as well as accessories, bags and shoes to help them create individual looks. Their aim and motivation are to identify the needs of HALLHUBER customers and to align these with the latest trends in a very stylish way.

HALLHUBER is modern.

The design team, led by Susanne Hallhuber, enjoys the support of an international network and always takes it cue from the zeitgeist. HALLHUBER opts for carefully selected premium fabrics, which are transformed into highly fashionable favourites that exude our love of detail.

HALLHUBER is trendsetting.

Every fortnight, HALLHUBER surprises you with new collections that tell unique stories and offer countless ways to combine garments. The complete look always takes centre stage. HALLHUBER customers appreciate the perfect fit, excellent craftsmanship and a highly attractive pricing structure.

HALLHUBER is serious about providing excellent advice and service, something that the entire staff lives and breathes with great dedication.