Discover the latest trends in footwear

Whether it’s sneakers, ballet shoes, pumps or boots – beautiful footwear is at the heart of every woman’s wardrobe, adding the finishing touch to her outfit. Trust HALLHUBER to have exactly the right ladies’ footwear, whether it’s for leisure, dinner or some special occasion.

Sometimes the choice of footwear can be quite enormous, making it rather difficult to find the right item for your outfit. Ultimately, however, a woman’s shoe cupboard can never be full enough.

To make sure you always look great, your footwear should emphasise your very own personal style. And of course footwear will only be comfortable and long-lasting if it’s backed up by high-quality workmanship.

Most HALLHUBER footwear comes with padded leather insoles and a leather lining. High-quality workmanship ensures superb wearing comfort, so that our footwear is great to wear. Moreover, we are currently converting the finishing process of the leather to plant-based tanning, so that we can meet the demand for sustainability. Whenever a model permits this, we do, of course, use high-quality leather for the upper. Provided that HALLHUBER footwear is looked after, it will last for many years.

Sneakers: Women’s footwear doesn’t always have to be elegant – on the contrary: sneakers are ideally suited for everyday use, emphasising a note of trendy casualness. They are sporty and can traditionally be combined with any denim trousers. However, stylistic breaches are also welcome. Why not combine an elegant trouser suit with a silk blouse and sneakers? Or wear a long pleated skirt and an oversized jumper with a pair of comfy sneakers? In fact, they’re absolute miracles in allowing so many combinations and should definitely enrich our shoe cupboards in all sorts of different colours.

Lace-ups: Lace-up shoes are real classics in the world of footwear. Their flat heels make them particularly comfortable and therefore suitable for everyday use. Lace-ups are an elegant alternative to sneakers and are ideally combined with creased, paper bag or cloth trousers. Add a blouse or a casual jumper, and you’ll look sporty and stylish straightaway.

Chelsea boots: Traditional footwear with its own history: Chelsea  boots can be traced back to the Victorian era. These legendary boots with their characteristic elastic side panels are above all in demand because of their wearing comfort. They can be worn completely without shoelaces and are easy to slip in and out of. But Chelsea boots are also amazingly versatile, as they allow numerous combinations. Whereas a few years ago they were mainly worn with trousers, Chelsea boots are now also on trend with dresses and skirts. Moreover, they can be worn throughout the year, making them real all-rounders.

Short boots: We think the most important short boots for women are the fashionable biker boots. Their characteristic features are robust chains, punk studs, shiny rhinestones and decorated straps. Short boots usually come with slip-proof treads, adding a note of confident coolness to the wearer. Combined with a leather biker jacket and jeans, the overall impact is very trendy indeed. But biker boots are also suitable for stylistic breaches, and a combination of an elegant satin skirt, a delicate chiffon blouse and a pair of short boots are right on trend.

Half-boots: You can never go wrong with half-boots, particularly in mild weather. Today’s half-boots come in a wide variety, ranging from block heel boots, through ankle boots to platform boots – virtually everyone should find something for their own personal style. Don’t miss the confident sense of style in our combination of skinny jeans, half-boots and tops that are right on trend: an oversized jumper or a wide shirt. Half-boots are also ideally suited for a business outfit comprising a blazer, waist-high trousers and a delicate silk blouse. In fact they can be combined extremely well with almost anything, adding the finishing touches both to a casual look and an evening outfit.

Medium/full-length boots: Medium/full-length boots always make us look good in autumn and winter. Above all, they keep us nice and warm in low temperatures. Moreover, boots are available in countless models – with teddy linings, with high and semi-high shafts and with different heights of heels. This means you’ll always find the right model for your outfit. Whether you’re looking to combine these trendy medium or full-length boots with a dress, a skirt or tube jeans, you’ll always look unique.

Pumps: Pumps are very much part of every woman’s essential outfit. An elegant dress or indeed anything festive would be incomplete without a pair of pumps. Pumps are available with a wide range of heels in all shapes and sizes. Anyone who wants to feel both comfortable and secure would be well advised to buy pumps with block heels, as they are easier to walk in. On the other hand, if you are more skilful with high heels, you might prefer stilettos to make your legs appear stunningly long. Or what about a halfway solution? Pumps with kitten heels are a great way to add a perfect touch of individuality. Also, for an extra portion of elegance, pumps can be combined not only with dresses and skirts, but also with waist-high and pleat-front trousers.

Ballet shoes: Always popular and on trend – ballet shoes are consistently the right choice, both in spring and in summer. They’re light, superb to combine with all kinds of garments, and they add a bit of French flair to your outfit. Ballet shoes typically have flat heels and are therefore super comfortable, especially during the day. Moreover, there’s no limit to the clothes you can wear with them. You can easily select a skirt, shorts or trousers, and they’ll always give you a girlish charm. These flat shoes are available in all fashionable colours, with today’s trendy leo pattern and always have that characteristic satin or corduroy bow.

Sandals: Sandals are undoubtedly our favourite footwear in the summer, and they’re available in numerous different versions: as flip-flops, as strap sandals, or with high heels or wedge heels. Sandals can be beautifully combined with a summer outfit, as they look equally great with a dress, a light skirt or shorts. But elegant versions are also popular, and high-heeled sandals are a perfect choice for festive occasions, parties or dinner at a restaurant.

Need any further inspiration? Why not take a look at our SHOP THE LOOKS or our Magazine, where you’ll find plenty of ideas for combinations with the most popular footwear of the season?