Scarves & Shawls

There’s nothing like a soft scarf or shawl …

Scarves and shawls are both indispensable and universal. They add a note of freshness to our wardrobe, and we need them on an almost daily basis.
Give your neck a treat with some beautiful new pleated shawls made from supple satin, with trendy prints. Pleats are THE height of fashion among shawls. The pressed pleats add a very special effect to these shawls, creating a totally new image with their floral, graphic and snake prints. Pleated shawls and long pleated scarves go particularly nicely with a daily business outfit or for a visit to a restaurant – wherever it’s good to look smart. For a perfect look, wear with a trouser suit, a classic handbag and matching pumps.

Like in previous seasons, large woven scarves are continuing to be trendsetters. Soft scarves, with printed paisley patterns or spots and stripes in many different colours, can turn your outfit into a stylish eyecatcher. Moreover, a long scarf is highly practical, as it can be wrapped round your neck several times, giving a lovely warm feeling when it’s freezing cold outside.

For an extra portion of elegance, you can’t go wrong with a silk scarf. These softly flowing squares of cloth add a touch of refinement both at the office and when eating out. Silk scarves and shawls are wonderful accessories and available in absolutely any colour. Ranging from fiery red, through sunny yellow to various skin colours, there’s always something for every occasion, whether you want a casual or elegant look.

Don’t miss the evergreens among scarves and shawls: bandannas. A bandanna is highly versatile and not just something for your neck. This small kerchief is also suitable as a decorative accessory you can wear in your hair or tie to a shoulder bag.

Animal prints, incidentally, are as fashionable as ever and are popular in all shapes and forms, ranging from leopards, through snakes to zebras – whatever you like. But our choices are not just limited to the images printed on. Scarves and shawls can be worn in a wide variety of ways. Whether you're feeling ostentatious enough to tie it in a large bow, or casual enough to just sling it round your neck, this accessory will feel wonderfully soft on your skin, while also being a perfect eyecatcher.

Do you need any further ideas on how to combine scarves and shawls? Why not take a look at our SHOP THE LOOKS, where you’ll find plenty of trendy inspiration for your style and the most fabulous shawls and scarves of the season!