Fashionable skirts

Whatever the occasion, skirts are available in never-ending variations, so you’ll never be at a loss for a suitable style.
They start with mini skirts to highlight your figure, or indeed an A-line: short skirts come with narrow or swinging A-lines, checked patterns or wonderful jacquard fabrics. Mini skirts have been with us since the 1960s and are now essential items in our wardrobes. During the day it’s best to combine a mini skirt with cool half-boots that distract from the femininity of the shirt a little, adding an air of casualness. Obviously, in the evening you need a pair of pumps, as they nicely accentuate long legs and are therefore indispensable for a night out. The courageous among us might choose a mini waist skirt – its high waist giving special emphasis to your figure. When you wear a waist skirt, your top should be worn tucked into the waistband, and a suitable leather belt can add a further feminine touch to your style.
A pencil skirt is a good choice for the office. A matching business blazer and a cheeky tie blouse are absolutely perfect, and we can feel nicely relaxed as we approach the next meeting.
New mini skirts in fine-gauge knitwear are extremely comfortable, very trendy and super feminine. Knitted skirts are suitable both for a business outfit with a silk blouse and a blazer, and for leisure purposes. Knitted and stretch skirts really do stretch nicely, without constricting us in our movements. They come in fine fabrics made from merino wool with contrast details, and are super-soft to touch.

Trendsetters among us have at least two of the latest midi skirts in their wardrobes. Their length has an inimitable impact on your silhouette and they can now be encountered widely in city centres. Midi skirts have beautiful pleats, with printed straight lines and broad swinging designs. What’s so great about a midi skirt is that it can be combined with a tight-fitting top tucked into the waistband or, alternatively, with a casual jumper or an oversized shirt. This enables you to create totally different outfits and, because of their length, midi skirts are just as suitable for daytime use as for an evening out with friends at a restaurant. Thanks to their special details, the new skirts can be true eyecatchers. They come as wraparound skirts with tie waists or in super-soft lambskin nappa leather, or indeed as lace skirts. Combined with matching footwear and coat, a midi skirt is a great friend throughout the year, as well as being highly fashionable.

Long flowing maxi skirts are considered to be the latest trend icons and the height of fashion. They have become top-of-the-range items that attract everyone’s attention, particularly if they’re worn with pleats and vibrant floral prints, or in Georgette silk. The highlights of your wardrobe! Moreover, the new maxi skirts are very versatile: combined with high heels, they are breathtakingly feminine, and with rustic short boots they can leverage a cool stylistic breach. Denim maxi skirts are extremely innovative and highly casual. Combined with a shirt or a jumper, they are amazing eyecatchers, and indeed super comfortable and hardwearing for your leisure time. Whether you prefer dark or light blue denim, you’ll always find a suitable top in your wardrobe.

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