Dresses & Jumpsuits

Discover new dress trends

Not many garments underline a woman’s advantages and femininity more than a dress, which can add a casual touch to her figure, or its style can emphasise her shape with a note of graceful elegance.
Fashion is amazingly versatile – with countless styles, materials, colours and lengths, so that every woman is sure to find her ideal dress. The favourite dresses of this season tend to be loose with flounces, while also offering styles that emphasise a woman’s contours. Then there are jumpsuits made from semitransparent chiffon, soft jersey and jacquard fabrics as well as natural quality linen and cotton. Other favourite elements are embroidered details with pearls, flowers and rhinestone.
The choice of colours is virtually unlimited, and this season is set to delight our hearts with brilliant shades of red and yellow as well as a wide range of blues and greens. If you prefer a more peaceful impact, you’ll enjoy natural and nude colours.
Dresses come in all lengths, ranging from mini to maxi, with midi being particularly popular –  a new length that adds a great deal of verve to your wardrobe, as midi dresses are mostly flared, with lovely swinging hemlines.

Shift dresses: Shift dresses always makes a woman look elegant and stylish, while adding special emphasis to her figure. Moreover, they are equally suitable for the office or a night out. To ensure good wearing comfort, a shift dress usually comes with a walking slit, adding a special touch of femininity. Shift dresses are ideal to wear throughout the year and come either in light cottons, or in warmer fabrics such as bouclés.

Knitted dresses: Knitted dresses are in season throughout the year. Made from chunky or fine-gauge knitwear, they surround your figure with a casual touch of playfulness, thanks to their loose cut, or they come as tube dresses, emphasising your feminine contours. Knitted dresses are particularly popular, as they give a woman plenty of space and are therefore super comfortable to wear. This type of dress is available in all trendy colours and patterns as well as in different lengths, either mini or maxi. Knitted dresses have a touch of sportiness, so that they can even be combined with sneakers. But a knitted dress also looks good in the office: just slip on a pair of pumps and a blazer, and you’ll look perfect in the office.

Jersey dresses: A jersey dress comes with a great feelgood factor. The elastic material offers superb wearing comfort, and it’s an excellent dress to wear during the day with comfortable footwear. But a jersey dress is also versatile: combined with pumps and some sparkling jewellery, it’s an absolute eye-catcher in the evening.

Silk dresses: Luxurious material with a lovely sheen – those are the features that will turn everyone’s eyes towards a silk dress. Its elegant charm makes it ideal for a festive occasion or as a party outfit. Silk dresses come in mini, in empire waist midi, and of course also in maxi. Pumps and high heels are spot-on for a touch of fervour when out for the night, perhaps at a party. Add a glitzy clutch bag and a feminine shawl, and you’ve got the perfect look for a successful night.

Blouse dresses: Blouse dresses, also known as shirt dresses, are in the style of a classic women’s blouse. They come with shirt collars, usually have buttons, and often include a cloth belt, adding a feminine emphasis to the waist. Together with flat footwear, they are ideal for a relaxed afternoon around town, and combined with pumps and a small scarf, a shirt dress is just right for a normal day at the office.

Empire waist dresses: Empire waist dresses are wonderfully comfortable with their wide cut. This type has a swinging hemline and exudes a girly charm. They are available in a variety of materials: soft cotton and natural linen with that typical creased effect are just as popular as fine silk. The wide skirts also come in different lengths, ranging from mini to midi. Each of them is a real eyecatcher, with bright floral prints or exotic leaf or animal prints.

Cocktail dresses: Cocktail dresses are ideally suited for glamorous occasions and garden parties. They are mostly short to knee-length with a fitted waist, and some of them have a swinging hemline. This makes them particularly feminine, adding a seemingly accidental wow factor to a woman’s appearance. These party dresses are special highlights, thanks to their conspicuous design, with bows, rhinestone decorations and beaded embroidery.

Evening dresses: Evening dresses are a perfect choice for a gala or other festive occasions. A full-length dress acts like magic, giving a woman a fabulous figure. Combine it with stilettos, and her silhouette will be truly stunning. You may also want to add a glamorous shawl or an elegant bolero, perhaps with sequins or rhinestones. Finally, all you need is some finishing touches in the form of matching accessories, as an evening dress only becomes the glamorous centre of attention when it’s combined with statement jewellery and a clutch bag.

Maxi dresses: Maxi dresses stand for super-feminine charisma and are therefore particularly popular on festive occasions. Together with high heels and matching accessories, such as statement necklaces and earrings, a maxi dress is a wonderful outfit for a great night.
Maxi dresses have long conquered the fashion scenes of our city centres, captivating people’s hearts with their vibrant floral and leaf prints, lace and exquisite silk chiffon. Being great eyecatchers, maxi dresses are definitely among the must-haves of the season. 

Midi dresses: Midi dresses are among the new favourites in our wardrobes, as they are perfect throughout the day. Whether it’s for daytime use at the office, for an afternoon at a café or an evening at a restaurant: combined with a long coat, an elegant leather bag and comfortable footwear, a midi dress always gives you a touch of style for the whole day.

Mini dresses: Mini dresses never fail to conjure up the magic of femininity and long legs. They’re fundamental to our wardrobe and suitable for numerous different occasions. Mini dresses are available in countless styles, colours and fabrics, and there’s something to suit every woman.

Blazer dresses: Blazer dresses are a new trend among dresses. With the characteristic lapel collar of a blazer, they have a touch of formality about them and are therefore perfect for business and official occasions. They are available either in mini or midi, with or without sleeves and made from a variety of different fabrics.

Dirndl dresses: With a Dirndl dress you’ll always cut a good figure – and not just at a German beer festival. Having started as a national costume in Bavaria and Austria, it adds a unique touch of magic on festive occasions. The very special charm of a Dirndl dress can be accentuated with suitable accessories, such as a straw bag, a brightly coloured apron or some traditional jewellery.